AB Tasty Raises $40M to Become the Leader in the Experience Optimization and Feature Management Markets

The company will reinforce its position as an Experience Optimization leader, significantly expanding its product feature management capabilities to help businesses deliver “Amazon- Like” experiences.

“AB Tasty is announcing a Series C round of funding to revolutionize how companies deliver the best brand and product experiences,” comments Alix de Sagazan, Co-Founder of AB Tasty. With over 900 international clients and 10 offices throughout North America, EMEA and APAC, 60% of AB Tasty’s revenue is now generated outside of France, where it is headquartered.

After moving to New York to oversee AB Tasty’s expansion, Alix de Sagazan and her team grew revenue in the United States by 480% in 2 years. “With this funding, we will continue significantly investing in our experience optimization and feature management capabilities. We are reinforcing our sales and marketing activities in the US to increase our total addressable market,” explains Alix.

“Today, we’re proud to say we offer a powerful, AI-driven experimentation, personalization and feature management platform,” comments Rémi Aubert Co-Founder of AB Tasty. “Tomorrow, we’ll be able to offer even more advanced capabilities based on incorporating more artificial intelligence and automation into our solutions, thanks to our increased investment in R&D.”

Delivering exceptional customer experiences across digital devices remains a top priority for all companies. Rémi Aubert, Co-Founder of AB Tasty, elaborates: “As all companies are becoming digital they need the tools to continuously deploy, personalize and experiment with new features. AB Tasty’s solutions respond to the market’s omnichannel demands intuitively and efficiently”.

“We’re confident about taking the next step with AB Tasty, based on our years of working together, the quality of their products and our relationship,” comments Benoit Bouffart, Chief Tech & Product Officer at e.Voyageurs SNCF. “We were excited about Flagship (AB Tasty’s feature management solution) straight away, since the solution allows for significantly more flexibility (progressive rollout, cross-device testing) to support our mobile-first strategy.”

“Flagship lets us deploy A/B tests in a much more agile way and lets us imagine user journey tests that more accurately mimic the reality of our clients’ experiences,” elaborate Ingrid Peiniau, Head of Customer Experience at Oui.SNCF and David Ruiz, Customer Experience Director at e.Voyageurs SNCF.

“Flagship is a game changer for product and technical teams looking to innovate and safely release code at the fast pace the market demands,” concludes Rémi.

The fundraising of $40 million is led by Credit Mutuel Innovation with participation by existing investors Korelya Capital, Omnes, Partech and XAnge. The total investment raised by the company has reached $64 million to date.

“Even as the COVID-19 pandemic took root, AB Tasty continued to deliver value and remained true to its company values,” explains Julien Coulon, CEO of Crédit Mutuel Innovation. “This positive experience reaffirms our commitment to support AB Tasty’s growth and consolidate its position as a global leader,” adds Cyrus Contant, Senior Associate at Crédit Mutuel Innovation.