We are here to build long term partnerships with our entrepreneurs to help them achieve sustainable growth in the fields of renewable energy, sustainable cities, deep tech and co-investments.

As such, our commitment to responsible investment has its roots in our firm belief that we need to create great places to work that deliver real value to our communities and future generations.

Integrating sound Environmental, Social and Governance (‘ESG’) criteria in all stages of our investment processes reflects that commitment.



Sustainable finance

We are transparent about our commitment to sustainable finance and have disclosed our regulatory progress reports.

Commitments to our communities​

The Omnes Foundation is dedicated to supporting future generations. Learn more about our focus areas.

Protocols we support

We have been proudly supporting the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI) since 2009.

We became a signatory to the Initiative Climat International in 2016. This initiative was the first collective effort in the French private equity sector to support responsible and transparent management of greenhouse gas emissions of our portfolio companies. 

We support the Index Egalite Femme Homme from the French Ministry of Labor. Gender balance in private equity and venture capital is a notoriously difficult issue and addressing it is considered an essential element in our Human Resources Policy.