The Omnes Foundation is dedicated to empowering younger generations

In keeping with our approach as a responsible investor, the Omnes Foundation was created to support young organisations working in favor of children and youth.


The Omnes Foundation looks to have impact by strategically partnering with scalable associations in health, education, and professional orientation to empower France's children and youth.

Baskets Aux Pieds

Basket aux Pieds supports hospitalized children in pediatric cancer departments in France. Their actions focus on the well-being and support of the children during their stay at the hospital, as well as during painful medical procedures. The association uses sports and virtual reality to calm the children.

Cours Ozanam

Cours Ozanam is an independent and non-denominational school, with reduced admission fees, for children in the priority districts of Saint-Just and Malpassé-Corot, in Marseille, France. The school is designed to ensure that students have the opportunity to succeed.


Enquête designs and distributes pedagogical and fun educational tools for young children, to help them develop a peaceful and thoughtful relationship with secularism and religion. The association offers tools and training to teachers, to help them properly address the plurality of beliefs in a secular and non-denominational manner.

Mille et un Mots

Every year in France, 100,000 young people leave the school system without a diploma. To tackle the root cause of this issue, 1001mots supports parents in awakening their toddlers to language.

Viens Voir Mon Taf

At ViensVoirMonTaf, students are offered a diversity of internships allowing them to discover companies and professions that they would not otherwise have access to, in order to gain a better understanding of the kind of career they would like to have.

Take Action

Every year, members of the Omnes team race for the foundation.

We fundraise throughout the year, and we would love for you to join. 

We have partnered with Manega, that specializes in high-end biking gear. Manega has made a jersey to support our fundraising efforts. For every jersey bought, a percentage of the proceeds goes towards the organizations we support.

Every donation counts

Thank you for supporting our foundation, as we work to help these organizations grow and achieve even greater impact.

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