SECTOR : Hardware
EXIT DATE : 2018
BUSINESS : Venture Capital


SeniorAdom offers new remote assistance technology

Founded in November 2012, SeniorAdom offers new remote assistance technology. SeniorAdom’s next-generation technology automatically detects falls and sudden illness using a smart system of detectors (no cameras) connected to a central device. This central device is easy to install and use. It can simply be plugged into a power socket (no need for an internet connection because it has an embedded GSM mobile phone card). No special training is required.
In addition to falls and sudden illness, SeniorAdom’s solution can also report any unusual patterns in the life of a dependent person by sending a text or email to their carer. Each carer has a personalised and secure space from which they can monitor the well-being of the person living in their own home. SeniorAdom has genuinely disrupted the remote assistance space, which had barely advanced in 35 years. It provides comfort and peace of mind to both carers and service users.


16/09/2015 Another funding round for SeniorAdom, the next-generation remote assistance company