Jimmy Energy

SECTOR : Sustainability
BUSINESS: Venture Capital
WEB : https://www.jimmy-energy.eu/ 


Jimmy designs and operates small modular nuclear reactors to supply its customers with decarbonised heat at a lower cost than that obtained from fossil fuels. Jimmy’s thermal generators are based on high-temperature nuclear micro-reactors (HTRs) that create the desired heat. These reactors are well-known, very hot and very safe.

Jimmy was created in 2020 on the basis of two observations: On the one hand, manufacturers need to change their source of heat, but there are few profitable low-carbon alternatives. On the other hand, nuclear fission makes it possible to produce low-carbon heat at low cost. Jimmy’s objective is to move as quickly as possible towards decarbonisation. After a concept maturation phase in 2021, Jimmy is now relying on a determined multidisciplinary team to reinvent the use of fission to decarbonise the industry. Their aim is to get his industrial demonstrator up and running by 2026, to make his vision of a low-carbon, competitive industry in France a reality.