Omniprom is established to operate real estate projects with high energy and environmental performance

Omnes, via its Construction Energie Plus (CEP) fund, PROMOVAL, a real estate development group and Crédit Agricole Centre-est, via its subsidiary La Compagnie Foncière Lyonnaise, have formed Omniprom, a holding company for real estate projects with the purpose of transforming assets, mainly in the Lyon area, into buildings with high energy and environmental performance.

Omniprom’s goal is to profoundly transform aging buildings in order to significantly improve working environment and energy performance. This partnership targets projects with a strong potential for redevelopment, restructuring and improvement of the energy and environmental performance of buildings, in particular the Greater Lyon business park.

The first projects of this strategic partnership are already being analysed.

CEP fund (120 million euros) is focused on financing projects involving the building or renovation of public and private buildings with high energy and environmental performance in France’s main cities. Omniprom constitutes CEP fund’s seventh investment.

Serge Savasta, Managing Partner at Omnes: “We are pleased to sign this new transaction with iconic regional partners that have a strong local presence, financial base and recognized track record. This project holding company will build a portfolio of real estate assets with the best energy performance standards. It perfectly illustrates our fund’s strategy to further regional planning and energy transition.

PROMOVAL will be the prime contractor for the restructuring and renovation programmes.

Régis Fouque, Managing Director of PROMOVAL: “We initiated and supported this project with our partner Crédit Agricole Centre-est, as well as Omnes, and are pleased this new vehicle has been established. The transformation of real estate assets is a major issue for the next decade. Our Group will pioneer the creation of a portfolio of value-add projects with a strong focus on environmental issues. We are combining our businesses: sourcing, asset management, assembly and operational management.”

Pour Frank Lefebvre, Director of the real estate division at Crédit Agricole Centre-est: “Energy transition is at the heart of Crédit Agricole Centre-Est’s and its subsidiary Compagnie Foncière Lyonnaise’s strategy. Our investment, in partnership with Omnes and PROMOVAL, in a vehicle targeting energy-efficient projects, translates our mutual and societal commitment to the preservation and development of our regions.”

The Lyon real estate market has been a dynamic market for several years. In 2018, the Greater Lyon area confirmed its status as the second largest city in France for real estate investments driven by strong demand and a structurally low vacancy rate.



Omnes (Serge Savasta, Morgane Honikman, Corentin Defond)
PROMOVAL (Régis Fouque, Grégory Fouque)
Compagnie Foncière Lyonnaise (Frank Lefebvre, Jean Oppermann)

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