Omnes Capital launches a new FCPI fund in partnership with LCL: Capital Invest PME 2018

Omnes Capital is launching a new FCPI (Fonds Commun de Placement dans l’Innovation) fund: Capital Invest PME 2018. This fund allows individuals to benefit from income tax advantages while benefiting from the growth potential of French and European SMEs. LCL is the first vendor to market the 2018 vintage FCPI vehicle.

The income tax reduction must be equivalent to 22.5% of the amount of the tax as soon as the new provisions of the 2018 Budget Law are applicable. Otherwise, the income tax reduction will be 18%.

The Capital Invest PME 2018 FCPI assets will be made up of innovative French and European SMEs in the new technology and health sectors.                                                

With €700 million under management, more than 30 exits and about 15 successful IPOs in 19 years, the Omnes Capital Venture Capital team is one of the major players in France financing innovative SMEs via the management of its FCPIs.

The Venture Capital team is backing around 50 innovative SMEs on a daily basis. It has recently invested in: ForCity (publisher of urban simulation solutions), Multix (X-ray spectrometric imaging), Nanomakers (producer of silicon-based nanopowders), Octimet (biopharmaceutical), Pherecydes Pharma (biotechnology specialized in research and the development of anti-infectious therapies), 360imprimir (platform for online sales of marketing products in Portugal), Tilkee (legal document tracking solutions), Vsora (electronic chips used for 5G communications). It recently sold Adictiz (the French expert in marketing games) to Webedia, TrustYou (German supplier of consumer opinion analysis solutions on the internet) to Japanese Recruit Holdings, and MesDocteurs (paid medical consultancy platform) to VYV, the Number 1 French mutual group.

“New computing capabilities combined with artificial intelligence algorithms are currently infiltrating the field of health and more specifically the search for new therapeutic molecules. This revolution in progress holds a multitude of opportunities for both start-ups and management teams like Omnes, which have double expertise in therapeutics and digital,” underlines Michel de Lempdes, Managing Partner at Omnes Capital.