Omnes acquires Moulin à Vent industrial estate, located in the heart of the Lyon metropolis, alongside L’Auxiliaire, Foncière Magellan and Patriarca Group.

The company Green Campus, comprising Omnes, via its Construction Energie Plus (CEP) fund, L’Auxiliaire, Foncière Magellana and Patriarca Group, have acquired the majority of buildings in the Moulin à Vent industrial estate, an area of more than 34,000m², located in Vénissieux, within the Lyon city loop.

With 34 buildings bringing together more than 60 businesses, the Moulin à Vent estate is one of the biggest industrial estates in the Lyon metropolis. Green Campus, the company formed to acquire the estate, showcases a profound transformation strategy via the restructuring of the majority of buildings in order to significantly improve the energy performance and user comfort, the development of complementary surfaces and the implementation of new services. In this way, Green Campus’s ambition is to be a model of green and sustainable renovation and revaluation of this asset type, which is symbolic of the architecture and layout of French urban tertiary estates towards the end of the 1980s.

Foncière Magellan will take on the chairmanship of SAS GREEN CAMPUS as well as the asset and property management, resolutely focused on the revaluation of this symbolic estate.

Patriarca Group in turn will take on the technical management as well as the execution of the entire restructuring work of construction et optimisation of the energy performance of the buildings.

Banque Populaire Auvergne Rhône-Alpes and Caisse d’Epargne Rhône-Alpes financed, alongside the Campus shareholders, the acquisition of this estate.

The CEP fund (120 million euros) is dedicated to financing projects involving the construction or renovation of public and private buildings of high energy and environmental performance in the main French metropoles. Green Campus marks the fund’s sixth investment.

Serge Savasta, Managing Partner, Omnes: “We are proud to participate in this project which counts as one of the biggest real estate deals in the region in 2018. Green Campus is a project that is symbolic of the rehabilitation of spaces to the best standards of energy performance. It perfectly illustrates our strategy of developing building projects to serve the layout of the territories and the energy transition of our country.”






Steven Perron, Chairman of Foncière Magellan: “This acquisition illustrates our desire to strengthen our positioning within the asset class of industrial estates and activity estates managed by our entity “Magellan Parcs”. We are proud to take part in this deal revaluating this symbolic estate of the Lyon region, creating significant value, which our teams will drive over the long term.”


Olivier Faura, Chairman of Patriarca Group: “As a Lyon-based sponsor participating at a national level, we are very deeply involved in the outcome of this acquisition. Green Campus is a major sustainable transformation project of an aging and high energy tertiary estate and it will combine, during the duration of the programme, several phases of green renovation, demolition and reconstruction. Its configuration and implantation will allow it to dispose of exceptional qualities, at the heart of vast urban transformations. The big concepts of the project have already received a favourable welcome from Greater Lyon and the town of Vénissieux. We are willing to make it a pilot project of national reference.”