Fondation Omnes supports three new charities in 2017

Established under the aegis of the Fondation de France, Fondation Omnes aims to give support and guidance – just it as does to the SMEs in its portfolios – to newly formed charitable organisations in the healthcare, education and socio-professional integration sectors set up to help children and young people. It will offer financial support and also provide its skills for a period of one or more years.

Since 2015, the Foundation has supported “Les Amis de Mikhy”, which in partnership with Gustave Roussy hospital develops support care services (pain treatment, psychological support etc.) for children suffering from cancer.

In 2016, Fondation Omnes launched a call for projects in order to extend its support to other charities. The Foundation’s executive committee has decided to give its support to three new charities.

1/ L’ENVOL organises recreational therapy stays in France for sick children (150 children in 2016):

2/ VIENS VOIR MON TAF helps schoolchildren in priority education networks (REP) in France to find a ninth-grade work experience placement via a web platform:

3/ LE COURS FREDERIC-OZANAM is a primary school association that aims to address the challenge of academic failure in Marseille and hopes to welcome 50 children aged from 6 to 12 in 2017/18:

Fabien Prévost, CEO at Omnes Capital, comments : “We would like to thank all of the charities that responded to our call for projects, all of which were of high quality. We have opted for projects in the fields of education and integration in order to reach all of the sectors relating to children that we have set ourselves as targets. We are entering the new year with the aim of involving our employees in the Foundation’s efforts. With Le Cours Frédéric-Ozanam, we plan to correspond by letter with primary school children who are playing at the Philharmonie de Paris in June. Omnes is proud to be involved in this orchestral project, which represents a major initiative in order to restore the confidence of these families hoping for educational success.”

About Les Amis de Mikhy
Created on 23 February 2012, Les Amis de Mikhy supports the development of paediatric support care services, in particular so that psychological care can be offered systematically to all children with brain tumours.
Support care services are “all care and support services needed by sick people throughout their illness alongside specific cancer treatments where these exist” (circular n° DHOS/SDO/2005/101 of 22 February 2005 concerning the organisation of cancer care). This includes treatment for pain, psycho-oncology, nutrition, rehabilitation, palliative care etc. The charity supports all projects to help with the physical or emotional suffering of children suffering from cancer.
Les Amis de Mikhy is a young and highly innovative charity, as the only organisation to support care services in France. It was set up in memory of Mikhaël and his amazing generosity, by his family and friends. Since it was created, Les Amis de Mikhy has allowed over 500 children with brain tumours to receive psychological support at Gustave Roussy hospital during their illness or after treatment has ended.

About L’Envol
L’ENVOL for children in Europe is a non-profit organisation under the French law of 1901, recognised as an organisation for the public benefit in 2001. L’ENVOL offers 7-day residential-stay recreational therapy programmes specially designed for seriously ill children aged from 7 to 17. ​
At L’ENVOL, they can take part in all activities, have fun and meet other children who share the same experience of illness and life.​
The programmes at L’ENVOL are run by a team of experienced professionals and specially trained volunteers offering care and support for each child.
Since 1997, L’ENVOL has hosted around 7,500 children.

About ViensVoirMonTaf
ViensVoirMonTaf is a charity set up in 2015 by Mélanie Taravant (president), Virginie Salmen (vice-president and secretary) and Gaëlle Frilet. The charity’s main aim is to offer high-quality ninth-grade work experience placements for schoolchildren in France’s REP priority education networks scheme (formerly “ZEP”), whose families have limited connections.
ViensVoirMonTaf puts ninth-grade students into contact with professionals via its fun and accessible internet platform. Emphasis is placed on the quality of relations between the student and the adult offering the placement. For our second academic year, our aim is to find at least 300 “super placements” for schoolchildren in priority education networks and develop the ViensVoirMonTaf network in a number of regions of France.

About Le Cours Frédéric-Ozanam
Le Cours Frédéric-Ozanam opened its doors in September 2014 in the north of Marseille. This year, the school has 34 children from grades 1 to 5. In 2017-18, Le Cours Frédéric-Ozanam will also receive high school children. Its aim is to prevent and combat children dropping out of education.
The Malpassé-Corot priority district, where the school is located, faces growing education difficulties and is a breeding ground for exclusion and violence. The figures are alarming: 41% unemployment, 20% high school absenteeism, 50% success rate in the high school leaving certificate. Le Cours Frédéric-Ozanam has drawn on the key elements of the Espérance Banlieues network, which it is part of, including learning about French culture, wearing a uniform, specially trained educators, development and knowledge of the individual. The school has also added its own local touch, with for example
Training programmes in parenting: once a month, Le Cours Ozanam invites students’ parents to “parent school”, to talk about issues such as education, food and teaching.
The orchestra: Students created a classical orchestra with DEMOS – Philharmonie de Paris. They practice music for four hours each week.
In addition to the syllabic method of teaching reading and the Singapore method for mathematics, the Ozanam school uses the Montessori and Nuyts teaching methods (verbalisation and imagination).

About Omnes Capital
Omnes Capital is a major player in private equity and infrastructure. With €3 billion in assets under management, Omnes capital provides companies with the capital needed to finance their growth and with key expertise in a number of areas: Buyout & Growth Capital, Private Debt, Venture Capital, Infrastructure, Co-Investment. Omnes Capital was a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole until March 2012. The firm is now owned by its employees. Omnes Capital is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).


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