Crédit Agricole Private Equity launches two FCPI funds

Crédit Agricole Private Equity has launched two FCPI* private equity funds investing in innovative companies, LCL Innovation 2008 and Crédit Agricole Croissance 2008.

LCL Innovation 2008 is the ninth FCPI managed by Crédit Agricole Private Equity since 2000 for LCL retail banking customers. It will be on sale until 17 December 2008.

Following the success of the FCPI fund launched within the framework of the TEPA law, under which a portion of wealth tax can be allocated to financing SMEs, for the first time this year, Crédit Agricole Private Equity has created an FCPI fund dedicated to Regional Bank customers, Crédit Agricole Croissance 2008.

These two funds will enable subscribers to participate in the development of innovative European SMEs (60% of fund assets) while also reducing their income tax liability to €6,000.

The funds will invest in growth sectors such as electronics, telecoms, software, internet services, biotechnology and protection of natural resources (Cleantech).

Crédit Agricole Private Equity is one of the main actors in innovative young companies funding. With 11 professionals, the team manages €375 million in the form of investments in young companies offering strong potential for growth in the information technology and life sciences sectors.

Value per unit: €100
Minimum subscription: 10 units, i.e. €1,000
Upfront fees: 5% net of tax
Management fees: 3.2% net of tax
Investment period: Minimum of 6 years, up to 10 years

* French regulated mutual funds investing in innovative companies

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Martine Sessin-Caracci – – 33 1 43 23 90 88

About Crédit Agricole Private Equity
Crédit Agricole Private Equity, an AMF-authorized investment management company and whollyowned subsidiary of Crédit Agricole S.A., specializes in direct private equity investment in unlisted companies.
A multi-specialist, Crédit Agricole Private Equity has 50 investment teams focusing on different segments of the private equity market (LBO & Expansion, Venture Capital, Mezzanine, Renewable Energy, PPP Infrastructure, Liquidity Solutions, Co-Investment) and manages a total of €2.2 billion in various types of private equity vehicle (FCPR, SICAR, FCPI and SCR).