Adents raises €8.5 million in funding

The software company plans to become the global market leader in unit identification and traceability for pharmaceutical products.
Paris, 9 June, 2015 – Adents, a leading product unit identification and traceability software provider, has secured €8.5 million in additional funding. This round of financing will allow the fast-growing company to expand its international presence and ensure the rapid deployment of its software solution on pharmaceutical product packaging lines in Europe and North America.

Founded in 2007, Adents has quickly become a major player in product unit identification and traceability software in France, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector.
In a context where counterfeit medicines are flooding the internet and arrive at the pharmacy or hospital, sometimes becoming part of the official distribution channel and putting millions of lives in danger, principal countries across the globe have passed anti-counterfeiting legislation. In order to protect patients, the pharmaceutical industry must now identify each drug pack individually using a unique code. This further step in serialization must be implemented for the global production of prescription medicines worldwide by the end of 2018.

With over 25 years’ of experience in traceability, Adents’ founders have developed a new generation of software which allows laboratories and contract manufacturers to conform to regulations on time and in accordance with national specificities.
As the only standard serialization solution on the market, Adents’ software offers the major advantage of fast, easy deployment while limiting disruptions to production. Today, more than one billion codes have already been generated and piloted by Adents’ software.

The capital increase of €8.5 million is led by existing shareholders NAXICAP Partners and CapHorn Invest, its historical shareholders, Omnes Capital and members of the management team. The funding will allow Adents to support its continued growth in Europe and North America, where the company has just opened two subsidiaries: Adents Canada Inc. and Adents US Inc.

“These funds will allow us to establish a presence in major European countries. We are going to be in a position to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry picking up speed with approaching regulation deadlines”, added Christophe Devins, Adents CEO and co-founder.

“Adents has developed a mature and unique technology which enables the pharmaceutical industry to comply with the new worldwide legislations. The software company is in a very good position to become a global leader on a market which represents several billion euros globally”, adds Michel de Lempdes, Managing Director, Omnes Capital.

Parties involved :
Omnes Capital
Michel de Lempdes, Managing Director, Omnes Capital
Marine Huber, Associate, Omnes Capital

Reed Smith
Lucas d’Orgeval
Aliénor Harel

About Adents :
Adents is a software specialist of unique product identification and traceability helping manufacturers from all sectors to adapt to market changes and comply with regulations on traceability. Adents innovative solutions enable manufacturers and brands to protect themselves from counterfeiting and grey markets, better control their distribution channels and create a personalized link with their customers.
Founded in 2007, with headquarters in Massy, France, Adents operates in Europe, Canada, and the United States. Supported by BPI France, Adents has secured nearly €15 million in funding since its creation. Today, more than one billion unique codes have already been generated and piloted by Adents’ software within the pharmaceutical industry and across other sectors.

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About Omnes Capital :
Omnes Capital is a major player in private equity and infrastructure. With €2.1 billion in assets under management, Omnes Capital provides companies with the capital needed to finance their growth and with key expertise in a number of areas: Buyout & Growth Capital, Venture Capital, Renewable Energy, Co-Investment, Secondary Funds of Funds. Omnes Capital was a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole until March 2012. The firm is now owned by its employees. Omnes Capital is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI).

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About NAXICAP Partners :
One of France’s leading private equity companies, Naxicap Partners totals €2 billion of capital under management. Committed and responsible investors, we build solid, constructive partnerships with the entrepreneurs we support on which to base the success of their projects. A subsidiary of Natixis, the company’s 38 investment professionals are organized in three teams: Innovation & Growth, Small Caps and Mid Caps, working from 5 regional offices: Paris, Lyon, Toulouse, Strasbourg and Nantes.

About CapHorn Invest :
CapHorn Invest is an independent Venture Capital Firm who’s LPs are over 100 business executives and family offices. Our team relies on this strong network of experienced business leaders to boost our portfolio companies and provide them with direct commercial connections to decision makers. We invest in companies bringing digital transformation to mature markets.