Omnes Capital's investments: Wizaplace

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Venture Capital


SaaS solution publisher for building all-in-one marketplaces

Founded in 2012, Wizaplace has developed an all-in-one marketplace creating platform. The Saas solution brings in one unique environment all the functionalities needed to create marketplaces for B2B and B2C products or services. It natively integrates the back-office administrator to operate the platform on a daily basis, back-office sellers to aggregate third party catalogue, and the front office, the marketplace’s front display. Wizaplace offers a robust and complete solution, delivered on a turnkey basis, making it possible to accelerate the deployment of marketplaces for project developers. Among its customers, the company has start-ups, SMEs and large groups (Macif, Engie, Somfy, Arkea, FFF, Cash Converters, Atalian). Located in Lyon, Wizaplace also has offices in Paris 16.

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