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Teach on Mars

Europe’s leading mobile-native learning technology provider

Teach on Mars is a 100% mobile-native learning technology provider. Our solution helps today’s organisations connect people with the learning and the communities they need to do their jobs and live their lives better. Winner of numerous industry awards, Teach on Mars is recognised as European leader in the mobile learning space. Since its foundation in 2013, the company has delivered its solution to over 130 blue-chip clients, in 20+ languages across more than 90 countries throughout the globe, and today it has bases in Sophia-Antipolis, Paris, Milan, London, Brussels and Casablanca. 80 Teach on Mars staff and an extensive worldwide network of 50 content and technology partners collaborate to equip organisations with the toolset, mindset and skillset required to create their next-generation learning ecosystem. And because Teach on Mars takes its responsibility for the future of our planet seriously, it invests 1% of its revenues in education projects contributing directly to the United Nations Sustainsable Development Goals.

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