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Europe’s leading manufacturer of plastic applicators and make-up wipers for the cosmetics market.

Founded in 1949 in the Paris region, SIMP ranks among the pioneers in plastic and rubber injection moulding. It designs and manufactures small precision industrial components produced in medium or large runs for major cosmetics companies (L’Oréal, Lancôme, Dior, Givenchy, Estée Lauder, Bourjois, Oriflame, etc.) and several high value-added niche markets (connectors, aerospace, medical, etc.).

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"Based on trust and mutual respect”. That is how Alain Blondel describes his relationship with Omnes Capital.

Because he’s worth it!

Based on “trust” and “mutual respect”. That is how Alain Blondel describes his relationship with Omnes Capital, which bought a stake in SIMP’s capital in 2011.
“I chose Omnes Capital on account of its ability to make decisions rapidly, its industry expertise and its knowledge of the issues facing SMEs, but also because we share the same long-term vision for SIMP,” he stated.
Alain Blondel
Président de SIMP
After a fact-finding mission to learn the ins and outs of running a small business of his own, he searched high and low for projects before eventually plumping for SIMP, a SME with well-known expertise in the micro-injection of plastic and rubber components and world leader in thermoplastic mascara brushes. What made you choose this business? Because it is unusual. Though small, with just 25 employees, it has a large sales base (€8.8 million in 2012) and tremendous potential.

“Growing an already well-run business was a highly motivating challenge,” says Alain Blondel, who has drawn on the existing teams in place and in particular on Eric de Bardonnèche, the current sales director, who has been appointed as director of business development. Alain Blondel joined forces with Omnes Capital to buy the company from Manuel Viegas, SIMP’s former manager. And he shares the same long-term vision for the business as his financial partner. The goal is to grow the Innovation unit through a focus on mascara and also to expand into new high value-added product niches.

He will not overlook expanding SIMP in international markets, especially emerging markets such as China and Brazil. “By pooling our energy and capitalising on our individual strengths, we are going to design new products, new manufacturing processes and win new customers. And we are going to stay a small and friendly firm,” says the business owner. Look out for SIMP to dazzle us in the future.


• 1979: Director of PHAS France, L’Oréal brand.
• 1989: CEO France of Sanofi Beauté then Chairman of Roger & Gallet.
• 1994: Chairman & CEO of Pixxent (no. 3 in Europe in merchandising and PoS advertising).
• 2004: Vice-Chairman of Alcan Packaging Beauty in charge of the Fragrance & Cosmetics Europe- Brazil division.
• 2011: LBO of SIMP together with Omnes Capital.