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SeniorAdom offers new remote assistance technology

Founded in November 2012, SeniorAdom offers new remote assistance technology. SeniorAdom’s next-generation technology automatically detects falls and sudden illness using a smart system of detectors (no cameras) connected to a central device. This central device is easy to install and use. It can simply be plugged into a power socket (no need for an internet connection because it has an embedded GSM mobile phone card). No special training is required.
In addition to falls and sudden illness, SeniorAdom’s solution can also report any unusual patterns in the life of a dependent person by sending a text or email to their carer. Each carer has a personalised and secure space from which they can monitor the well-being of the person living in their own home. SeniorAdom has genuinely disrupted the remote assistance space, which had barely advanced in 35 years. It provides comfort and peace of mind to both carers and service users.

« Omnes provides us with its network and helps us to confirm our market credibility »
of SeniorAdom

SeniorAdom sets out to conquer the telecare market.

Determined to revolutionise the sector through innovative technology, the start-up has been supported by Omnes Capital and four other reputed investors since 2015

key figures

  • Over 1.5 million seniors or disabled people live at home alone and want to remain autonomous.
  • 47% of seniors take a fall at least once a year, and half of them cannot get back on their feet by themselves.
  • Only 6% of French people over 80 were equipped with smart telecare devices in 2010.
  • Nearly 1,000 people are already equipped with SeniorAdom technology just a few months after commercial launch.

The solutions available until now required them to wear a "smart" necklace, watch or bracelet to alert the emergency services in the event of a fall. But these devices are rarely used because they come with a certain stigma and are seen as ineffective in cases of loss of consciousness. In response, SeniorAdom has developed an innovative technology able to automatically detect abnormal situations.

The concept consists of a box connected to sensors that detect the movements of the individual at home and serve to model their habitual everyday movements. In the event of an anomaly, an alarm is sent to the caregivers and then to a call platform, which calls out the emergency services where necessary. « Since its launch in 2012, SeniorAdom has successfully demonstrated the effectiveness of its technology as well as the strong acceptability of the product from both a financial and an everyday use standpoint, » says François-Xavier Dedde, Principal at Omnes Capital. All of which convinced Omnes Capital to invest in the start-up in 2015, with a view to helping it step up the roll-out of its product and extend its distribution platforms. « Acquiring a share in SeniorAdom fits in perfectly with our investment strategy on smart healthcare, » says François-Xavier Dedde. « SeniorAdom brings together all the key success factors: market opportunity, robust technology and a profile of outstanding entrepreneurs »

After admitting Business Angels and Kima Ventures into its capital in mid-2014, the founders initiated a new fundraising in summer 2015, attracting three new investors alongside Omnes Capital : 123Venture, SEB Alliance and AG2R LA MONDIALE. « After leading the financing round, we are supporting the company through regular dialogue with its managers. Our aim is to help them call themselves into question, prioritise, and to offer the benefit of our operational expertise,» says François-Xavier Dedde. The company continues to grow and hopes to expand internationally in the near future.
3 questions for THIERRY ROUSSEL
of SeniorAdom
Why the fundraising in 2015?
After winning a contract with the City of Paris in 2013, SeniorAdom was able to test its solution with vulnerable individuals through the financial support of Business Angels, including Xavier Niel via Kima. A year later, we finally received approval from France’s old-age insurance fund, CNAV. The time had come for us to join forces with investors to initiate the project’s roll-out phase. The investors included financial partners such as 123Venture and Omnes, which I had the pleasure of working with during Direct Energie’s second financing round in 2004, together with manufacturers such as SEB Alliance, which is interested in our technology (the box is a real hub), and AG2R LA MONDIALE, the leader in social protection in France.
What did Omnes Capital contribute to you and your company?
Their contribution was invaluable on several levels. Omnes immediately took charge of the financing round, lending it impetus and challenging our business model. We also benefited from their network, met with robust players, and confirmed our credibility in the market. In addition, we appreciate the quality of the human relations we have with our contacts and their sound understanding of our business.
What are your objectives now?
We have given ourselves a few months to conclude our tests of the various distribution platforms. We recently formed a partnership with Europ Assistance. We need a little more time to gain the necessary perspective and finalise our strategy. We will then organise a new fundraising to initiate international roll-out by harnessing the most relevant platforms.