Omnes Capital's exits: Methaneo

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Albioma (formerly Séchilienne Sidec)
Renewable Energy


Development of mechanization projects running on agricultural and agrifood biomass

Founded in 2007, Methaneo has specialised in the development of collective anaerobic digestion projects harnessing agricultural and agrifood biomass. Anaerobic digestion involves fermenting organic materials to produce energy using methane-rich biogas, which is released using this process. The company focuses in particular on regional anaerobic digestion projects. An essential characteristic of this type of facility is that it involves a large number of local partners, such as biomass suppliers and heat recovery specialists (industrial companies, farmers and local authorities), unlike individual projects on farms that generally have just one participant. This characteristic lends itself to economies of scale and higher levels of heat recovery.


Through the partnership with Methaneo’s experienced management team Capenergie achieved a strategic positioning in the biogas market.

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