Omnes Capital's exits: Ikaros Solar Park 1

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Renewable Energy

Ikaros Solar Park 1

15 MW portfolio of solar power plants in Belgium
Founded in 2010, ISP 1 is a holding company set up to invest in photovoltaic power plants built by Ikaros Solar. Ikaros Solar, a Belgian company in the Capenergie 2 portfolio, develops turnkey solar photovoltaic power plants. The ISP 1 holding company owns 15 MWp in generation projects, including the Kluizen facility. It is one of the largest ground-based photovoltaic facilities in Belgium. It consists of 5 MWp in capacity on the banks of an artificial lake acting as a potable water reservoir for the Flanders region. This sale was the first exit from the Capenergie 2 fund and the first exit from the Capenergie funds outside France.
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