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Captain Tortue

European leader in direct selling women's ready-to-wear clothing
Founded in 1993 and based in Aix-en-Provence, Captain Tortue is the European leader in direct selling women's ready-to-wear clothing. Every year, it designs around 330 models through its four brands: Trend (trendy collection, urban chic), Miss (classic and casual collection), Little Miss (children's collections, teenagers and small sizes) and Java (home wear comfort-casual).
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“In another life, I would have liked to have been a writer! As it turned out, my job as a leader is not so far from that of writer: I train my employees in a story towards a common goal: our vision. We write together the chapters of this story and live the twists and turns."
Managing Director
Captain Tortue
Captain Tortue

Last December, Omnes invested in Captain Tortue, the European leader in direct selling of women’s ready-to-wear clothing, alongside BIP Capital Partners.

We sit down with Nathalie Coppola, Managing Director of Captain Tortue.

Why did you join Captain Tortue in 2016?

After spending 25 years working for UScompanies (Avon and Tupperware), Ifound it very invigorating joining this French family success story to continue its development and double its international success. My challenge is exciting: convincing teams to embark on a bigger journey, by applying the big American groups’ recipes, while maintaining Captain Tortue’s qualitative ingredients. As a Parisian, I did not know anything about the direct selling sector, but I ended up dedicating my entire career to it. It is a fascinating profession because it is deeply human and feminine.
The women who join us have often left their first job to devote themselves to selling our products. We must support them and identify talents capable of leading sales teams and developing their business.

How would you describe your management style?

One of the particularities of direct selling is the independent status of our sales force on the ground. As a result, you have to make people want to do things, rather than dictate. I therefore adopt a human management approach, making sure I motivate my teams, coach them and support them towards more autonomy and success. I try to inject good humour and passion in my employees, so that they feel good at work and give the maximum. I also pay particular attention to the age pyramid, to ensure good balance between all generations.

What attracted you to Omnes?

Their curiosity, their desire to understand our business model and their willingness to support us in our internationalization. The Omnes teams are very present and attentive, our discussions are lively and open. Omnes brings us their network and expertise on topics further away from our fields of expertise such as digital transformation for example.