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A group of medical biology analysis laboratories in Ile-de-France
Biofutur group is a group of medical biology analysis laboratories in Ile-de-France, managed by independent medical biologists. Every day, more than 6,000 patients are treated at Biofutur by a team of around 500 employees and 60 medical biologists (doctors and pharmacists). The 51 sites of the Biofutur group are mainly located in Les Yvelines, the Val d´Oise and La Seine-et-Marne regions of France. The group has two technical platforms and three emergency centres. These platforms offer a large catalogue of analyses, with over 350 routine and specialty examinations (including medically assisted procreation and toxicology).The Biofutur group wishes to continue its development thanks, among other things, to the quality of its local medical care and its patient service. Since March 2020, Biofutur biologists have been at the heart of the national effort against COVID-19 by carrying out thousands of screening tests, in particular drive-in testing, and in nursing homes, as well as serological analyses.
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