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Digital portal bringing building trade professionals together with consumers

Founded in 2005, the Batiweb Group is France’s number two digital portal bringing building trade professionals together with consumers, predominantly in the home renovation segment. Batiweb is active in three complementary areas – intermediation, media and B2B services. Between 2013 and 2016, the Group more than doubled its revenues and tripled its profitability by developing and enriching its expertise and its new content through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions.

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"Trust and responsiveness are the keywords in our collaborative effort, both in human and operational terms, and this is exactly what we need at our stage of development."
of Batiweb Group

Omnes’ acquisition of a stake in Batiweb lends new impetus to the number-two player in digital relationship building between consumers and professionals in housing renovation.

Founded in 2005, Batiweb Group today is the number-two player in its market, with nearly €10 million in annual revenue and 94 employees. Digital intermediation is a thriving sector, with major penetration potential as just 13% of self-employed professionals use this channel. The Group’s four-year objective is to increase its revenue by 2.5 and quadruple its profitability.

“In six months, we have shown our ability to step up the company’s development,” says Frédéric Mimoun, Director at Omnes. As evidenced by the company obtaining an exclusivity on a strategic acquisition opportunity in an over-the-counter context, signed in July 2017. Seven other deals are under review and Omnes is helping to broaden the range of possibilities outside France, notably in Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK and Germany.

A strategic support

After the implementation of an executive committee, Omnes also helped to strengthen Batiweb’s strategic governance with the selection of two industrial experts for the Strategic Committee.

Our ambition is to strengthen the Group’s position in its market and help it to become the Airbnb of self-employed professionals, with a complete set of services ranging from appointment making to transaction payments,” says Frédéric Mimoun, Director at Omnes. “Strategic and pragmatic support in which everyone expresses themselves openly. The key is to continuously call things into question, open doors and move forward.”

Three questions for Nicolas RICART
Nicolas RICART
CEO of Batiweb Group
What made you choose Omnes?

I immediately felt on the same wavelength as Frédéric Mimoun. His strategic vision perfectly matched what I wanted to do. Batiweb's business model had arrived at a new stage of maturity, enabling us to shift up another gear. And Omnes was quick to confirm the points that were essential for me: a majority position and the possibility at all times to have the necessary cash for financing organic and external growth with no dilution.

How has the collaborative effort responded to your needs and expectations?

It's a very strong relationship. We have regular discussions on recruitment, strategic directions and growth prospects. After working together for just six months, we have already obtained a green light on a potential acquisition, which is exceptional. Omnes is very present in terms of support and advice. They are also able to show great flexibility in financing arrangements, proposing highly entrepreneurial solutions.

What are your next steps and outlook?

We have very strong ambitions for the next four or five years. With annual like-for-like growth of over 35%, we are already firmly on track! Omnes will help us to expand in Europe, where our model in terms of business offering and process is highly attractive. The experts and entrepreneurs that the Omnes team puts us in touch with will also play an invaluable role in honing the development of services with our clients.