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Cabinet de conseil en ingénierie et innovation industrielle

ABMI est un cabinet de conseil en ingénierie et innovation industrielle, créé il y a près de 35 ans. Il s’adresse aux grands comptes qui souhaitent externaliser leur R&D en mettant à leur disposition des consultants-techniciens et des ingénieurs dans trois domaines d’expertise : l’ingénierie produit (conception de nouveaux produits, prototypage et tests pour la pré-industrialisation) ; l’ingénierie process (amélioration des processus de production) et l’installation industrielle (notamment la construction de sites industriels).

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"Our customers are very imaginative and creative: it’s up to us to turn their dreams into reality by providing them with the added value that will create exceptional processes or industrial products."

Omnes becomes majority shareholder in the engineering consultancy ABMI through a proprietary primary MBO.

It is a milestone in ABMI’s history, which, for the first time since its creation 35 years ago, is including financial investors in its shareholder base to accelerate its transformation.

What does ABMI do exactly?

As an engineering company, we build teams of consultant- technicians and engineers dedicated to carrying out the projects we’re entrusted with. Our sectors cover product development, industrial vehicles, aeronautics, railways, energy and nuclear power. Our technical teams are always involved, and the management teams build organizations dedicated to each client’s specific issues. This ability to offer unique solutions is at the heart of our action and is key to the performance we deliver. Engineering is about turning ideas into concrete reality: this is ABMI’s mission for projects, equipment, production processes, industrial installations, or projects involving new products.

Why did you decide to include Omnes in your shareholder base?

My managing partners were wanting to retire and I was looking for a new shareholder core to transform ABMI. The connection with Omnes was fluid and natural. Beyond skills, it is above all about the human factor. I really appreciate listening to the Omnes team and their willingness to understand how we work.

Our roadmap is ambitious and combines organic and external growth deals. In terms of organic growth, we are looking to upgrade the company’s service offerings and activities. We are also working to structure and industrialize processes and good practice. With regards to acquisitions, we have several objectives: supplementing existing business know-how, attracting new customers and internationalizing ABMI, which currently operates mainly in France.

With Omnes, we have built a supportive environment that is based on listening, regular interaction and quick decision-making. Together, we formed ABMI’s new supervisory board so that we have the right people around us to execute our transformation plan efficiently and quickly.

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