Omnes brings on board an Analyst, an Associate, a Principal, an Asset Management Director and a Financial Controller; Omnes also has promoted an Associate and two Principals.

Omnes brings on board an Analyst, an Associate, a Principal, an Asset Management Director and a Financial Controller; Omnes also has promoted an Associate and two Principals.
Thursday, June 11, 2020


Mid Cap Buyout & Growth Capital

Aubrey Stewart-Quinquis has joined the Mid Cap team as Analyst under the management of Stéphane Roussilhe, Partner.

The Mid Cap team supports companies (with an enterprise value between €40 and €200m) with tangible prospects for internal and/ or external growth to increase their market share in France and abroad. The team works with high quality managers, committed to companies’ capital. It incorporates a strong ESG component into its strategy in order to place companies on a sustainable growth trajectory.

Venture Capital

Claire Poulard and Marc Gasser have been appointed Principals in the Venture Capital team, under the management of Michel de Lempdes, Managing Partner.

With more than 60 trade sales and nearly 15 IPOs in 20 years (including Novaled, Biovex, arGEN-X and Direct Energie), Omnes Venture Capital team is a leading French player in financing innovative SMEs with dual expertise in the deep tech and healthcare sectors. Its current portfolio includes AB Tasty, BlaBlaCar, Scality and Sigfox.


Bérengère Vanlerberghe has joined the Renewable Energy team as Asset Management Director. Corentin Defond has been appointed Associate in the Green Building team. These two teams are under the management of Serge Savasta, Managing Partner.

In the field of energy transition, Omnes has been one of the European leaders since 2006 with more than €1.5bn under management in the form of funds (Capenergie) or discretionary mandates. Omnes has a wide range of products that allow its customers to address this class of assets through a greenfield or brownfield prism in renewable energy. Since 2015 this has expanded to include the construction of buildings with high environmental performance.


Iris Duffillot and Simon Hardi have joined the Co-Investment team, respectively as Associate and Principal, under the management of Fabien Prévost, Omnes CEO.

Omnes has been offering dedicated mandates since 2007 on behalf of institutional investors in order to exploit their co-investment opportunities with other private equity funds in which they are investors. Through this expertise, Omnes takes minority stakes in mid and large cap operations alongside European and US funds.


Alexandre Yip has joined Omnes as Financial Controller, under the management of Serge Rakovitch, Head of Operations.

Omnes has internal cross-company functions dedicated to operational support: marketing and investor relations, communications, human resources, legal, finance, ethics and risk management



Corentin Defond (27 years old), Associate

Corentin Defond joined Omnes in 2017 as Analyst in the Green Building team. He was appointed Associate in March 2020. Corentin qualified as an engineer at Ponts et Chaussées (ENPC).

Iris Duffillot (27 years old), Associate

Iris Duffillot joined Omnes in October 2019 as Associate in the Co-Investment team. She was previously Senior Analyst in Transaction Services at Mazars. Iris graduated from ESSEC.

Marc Gasser (29 years old), Principal

Marc Gasser joined Omnes’ Venture Capital team in 2015. He was appointed Principal in March 2020. Marc invests mainly in deep tech companies, in both software and hardware. He notably sits on supervisory boards, or boards of Directors at Dust Mobile, Mipsology, Solvionic and VSora. Marc began his career at Anatec, an incubator start-up at ParisTech Entrepreneur, developing automatic trading algorithms, before focusing on Finance (M&A at DC Advisory and Financial Audit at KPMG). He graduated as an engineer from Télécom Paris and has a Master’s in Management and New Technology from HEC Paris.

Simon Hardi (30 years old), Principal

Simon Hardi joined Omnes in October 2019 as Principal in the Co-Investment team. He was previously Director at L.E.K. Consulting. A qualified engineer from Ponts et Chaussées, Simon is also a graduate from the École d’Architecture de la Ville et des Territoires de Paris.

Claire Poulard (29 years old), Principal

Claire Poulard joined Omnes’ Venture Capital team in 2015. She was appointed Principal in March 2020. Claire has notably been involved in investments in AgomAb Therapeutics, Antabio, Newronika et Pherecydes Pharma. In addition, she has been involved in portfolio monitoring of Horama and Octimet Oncology. Claire began her career in research at the Institute of Neuro-technology in Singapore. She holds a Master’s degree specialising in Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Management at ESCP and a Master’s degree in Bio-engineering and Innovation in Neuroscience at ESPCI (Schools of Industrial Physics and Chemistry), ParisTech & University of Paris Descartes.

Aubrey Stewart-Quinquis (24 years old), Analyst

Aubrey Stewart-Quinquis joined Omnes’ Mid Cap Buyout & Growth Capital team in November 2019 as Analyst. He previously worked in Transaction Services at KPMG. Aubrey graduated from EDHEC.

Bérengère Vanlerberghe (38 years old), Asset Management Director

Bérengère Vanlerberghe joined Omnes in January 2020 as Asset Management Director within the Renewable Energy team. She had occupied the position of Principal within the team from 2006 to 2016 before joining Amundi Transition Energétique in 2017 as Investment Director. Bérengère began her career as Credit Analyst at CACIB, then moving to Natixis as Analyst in the structured finance department. She graduated from the Institut Mines-Télécom Business School and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Finance and Financial Engineering from the University of Paris Dauphine.

Alexandre Yip (32 years old), Financial Controller

Alexandre Yip joined Omnes in January 2020 as Financial Controller. He was previously In-house Controller at Covéa Finance, after spending 7 years in audit Asset Management at Deloitte & Associés. Alexandre holds a Master’s Degree in Banking Finance and Insurance (University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense).