Private investors: FCPI

Investing in innovative SMEs, supporting growth and employment

Channel individual savings into innovative start-ups

  • FCPI (funds dedicated to innovative companies) are funds approved by the AMF that allow individual investors to invest in up-and-coming and innovative unlisted companies.
  • This asset class presents liquidity and loss of capital risks

Invest in technology and life sciences

  • Omnes Capital Venture Capital team manages €700 million in assets under management. For over 20 years, it has successfully supported dynamic and innovative companies in the digital and health sectors.

Benefit from tax incentives

  • Reduces your income tax by an amount equivalent to 18% of your investment (excl. entry charges) up to €2,160 for a single individual (for a maximum investment excl. entry charges of €12,000) or up to €4,320 for a married couple (for an investment of €24,000 excl. entry charges).
    For an investment of €10,000, the incentive works out at 10,000 x 18%, i.e. €1,800
  • In return for blocking assets over a period of 8 years, extendable by 1 year by decision of the management company
FCPI managed by Omnes Capital

Net asset values of Omnes Capital FCPI
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The performance of a private equity fund is appreciated over a long investment period. The Net Asset Value may not reflect the potential of the portfolio assets over the life of the Fund and may not reflect the potential evolution of their fair value.

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