We have been designing bespoke co-investment solutions for institutional investors since 2007
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We believe that co-investment, due to its flexibility and potential for outperformance, is an indispensable allocation strategy for institutional investors.

However, co-investment management consumes significant internal resources. Our role is to support our investors, via dedicated investment mandates, in order to enhance and manage their co-investment rights.

We oversee the entire investment life cycle: (i) origination, (ii) selection of the best opportunities, (iii) execution of transactions and (iv) monitoring shareholdings and exit.

We design bespoke co-investment solutions, in terms of investment structuring and strategy, based on our clients’ needs.  Thus, we can work in a variety of classes of assets (e.g.: infrastructure/capital development), no matter what the business sector is, the geographical area or the size of the portfolio company.

Thanks to our historical market presence, we are preferred partners among European and American GPs who recognise our expertise and capacity to efficiency process opportunities.  Moreover, Omnes Capital’s direct investment experience enables us to select and execute transactions that meet our clients’ best interests.