A partner of choice alongside entrepreneurs for the transformation and growth of French and international SMEs and Mid Cap companies.
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Our Growth Capital and Mid Cap Buyout activity, with more than €710 million assets managed since its creation and 35 investments completed, has been supporting French SMEs and Mid Cap companies in three sectors for more than 20 years: B2B, healthcare and technology services.

Our investment philosophy is to create sustainable value directly alongside entrepreneurs.  Omnes Mid Cap supports businesses in their transformation and organic and external growth projects with a systematic approach towards ESG issues.

We support executive teams and shareholders in growth capital transactions, LBOs, OBOs, MBOs, MBIs, carve-outs and spin-offs through the acquisition of majority or minority shareholdings.

Investment strategy:

  • Sectors: B2B / Healthcare / Technology services
  • Geographical area: France-Europe
  • Development phase: Growth capital and LBOs
  • Enterprise values: from €40 to 300 m
  • Investment tickets: from €15 to 50 m
This positioning enables us to support “champions” such as: